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Shane - 20 - England
Kik: lolshane
Skype: lolshane
Snapchat: Nathandango

Anonymous: Do you have kik?


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Anonymous: You are incredibly attractive :3

Aw thanks anon!

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Anonymous: Chocolate orange cereal? What is that?

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Anonymous: ily

ily2 you beautiful faceless person

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Anonymous: idk what's happening with you but I hope you will be ok xx

I’m alrighttttt :)

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Anonymous: what's wrong shane? :(

I’m just tired!

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Anonymous: love you!

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Anonymous: Unfortunately, the market is closed for me, four years younger. But you're still amazing xx

16 is the limit, but don’t worry, you’ve got until October 2013!

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Anonymous: Ugh, you're perfect and I want you;-;

Well I’m currently on the market so you have your chance at me!

But thank you lovely, things like this make me feel a wee bit special.

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Anonymous: i love you so much

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