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Shane - 20 - England
Kik: lolshane
Skype: lolshane
Snapchat: Nathandango

afire-inside-deactivated2014040: OMfG YOU LOVE IT CROWD OMG ITS MY FAVOURITE I LOVE YOU xoxox

IT Crowd is so fucking good

I watched every single episode in a single day not that long ago

I am obsessed

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relinqu3nt: shane your blog always seems to have phenomenal looking pizzas on it, and it makes me hungry :((

You’re telling me

I’m fucking starving

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destroythefeeling: dude your blog is actually perfect

Thanks man, thanks

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burnedatb0thends-deactivated201: You're too handsome to feel that way. /: All jokes aside, you seem really nice.

I do try! But thank you :)

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my own company, but sometimes I could just do with someone to turn to to just be present.

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grittygrimes: you're the most attractive, and I'm a quite the fan of your blog

Why thank you!

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lolshane: Shut up Shane.

Sorry Shane.

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Anonymous: Do you have kik?


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heartheirwhispers: I'd rather jump out my window than be you xo

I’d rather be forced to do karaoke with One Direction songs than be you xo

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heartheirwhispers: noone's better than me xox

I’d rather step on lego than be you xox

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fuckjustgivemedrugs-deactivated: You're gorgeous man x

Thank you! x

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